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Civil Overseer Full Exam Set (Bhadra 30/80)

Welcome to your Overseer Full Set Exam 3

1. For drawing large-size circles ………………….. is attached to the compass.

2. Circles of very small radii are drawn by means of

3. To draw very light line, which pencil is used?

4. The drawing for municipality is done at scale

5. Why perspective drawing is done by manufacturer?

6. The polyhedral having a plane figure for its base and equal number of isosceles triangular faces meeting at a point is called ……………….

7. The quantity of jaffri is measured in terms of

8. Valuation of building is done based on

9. The unit rate of items written by the contractor in BOQ is in numeral as well as alphabetical form. Which one is preferred?

10. The volume of cement required to prepare 100 cubic metre of 1:2:4 concrete is

11. The volume of cement required for 10 m3 of brick work in 1:6 cement mortar is approximately equal to

12. Which one information is not found in specification?

13. The chain length which is not the standard metric chain length is

14. A chain is made up of mild steel or galvanized iron wire of diameter

15. In chain survey execution, the first step taken is

16. If the formation level is less than the ground level, the difference between them at any point will give the

17. The curvature and refraction corrections applied to the staff readings respectively are

18. The instrument used for measuring area on a contour map is

19. Tripoli is a type of

20. Quarry sap is found in

21. Sand has minimum volume when

22. Gypsum is added to cement for reducing the fast reacting property of

23. Pick up the air entraining agent from the following

24. Soundness test of cement determines

25. Bronze is an alloy of

26. All burnt bricks are soaked in water for at least …………… before use with cement mortars.

27. Bearing capacity of soil cannot be improved by

28. The process of filling hollow spaces of walls before plastering is known as

29. The main purpose of cavity wall is

30. The portion of brick obtained by cutting a brick lengthwise into two direction is known as

31. The normal thickness of expansion joint in masonry wall must be more than

32. Separation of course aggregate from mortar during transportation

33. If the w/c ratio of concrete is 0.6, then water required for mixing concrete is

34. The FAR is defined as the ratio of :

35. Mass curve is used for the determination of

36. Which one is water borne virus infection?

37. Before entering a manhole, a candle is lowered into the manhole

38. A portion of the traffic way that is used by pedestrians only is called

39. Number of highway in Nepal is

40. The structure provided both side of shoulders to pass the rain water is known as

41. A dividing strip in the middle of road way is called

42. On the pavement with parabolic camber, the angle of inclination of vehicles will be

43. The end supports of a bridge is called

44. The length of proposed Kathmandu Nijgadh Fast track is equal to

45. The necessity of irrigation is required due to

46. The main function of diversion head works of a canal from a river, is

47. The group of canal which avoid cross drainage work is

48. Total losses in canal is

49. नेपालको संविधानमा मौलिक हक र दायित्व सम्बन्धी व्यवस्था कुन भागमा छ ।

50.नेपालको राष्ट्रिय झण्डामा कतिवटा रंगहरु छन् ।

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