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ANM Exam Set ( Baisakh 15)

Welcome to your ANM Full set-2

1. According to NDHS-2016, Total fertility rate in sudurpaschim province is

2. …….. is defined as the degree of pathogenicity of infectious agent.

3. The objective of surgical scrub is remove dirt, skin oil and microbes from hands and lower arms, finger nails. This process is done:

4. On the first day of surgery under G/A patient is on six hourly analgesic therapy, the nurse should administer the analgesic…..

5. If postmenopausal women complains of P/V bleeding, what may be suspected?

6. The signs of placental separation is:

7. The most common cause of primary PPH is:

8. If the patients whole back is burn; what percent of body is burn?

9. The main function of kidney is:

10. Human body develops from a single cell called:

11. Insulin hormone is secreted by:

12. When does the placenta get formed?

13. A bed with cradle to carry the weight of the bed clothes is called:

14. World Health Day is celebrated on:

15. Parental preparations of potassium are administered slowly and cautiously to prevent:

16. Nerve deafness would mostly result from an injury or infection that damaged the:

17. Contraindication of oral medication:

18. In an organization, what should be done to motivate the workers?

19. At birth length of baby measure about:

20. One of the most important responses shown by the new born is called:

21. A cataract is:

22. ROPES model is related to

23. Common causes of dental carries are

24. Which of the following vaccine is live attenuated ?

25. Bradycardia is seen in

26. The longest organ of the digestive system is:∙

27. Which of the following is the indication of electroconvulsive therapy:

28. Not a common symptom of conjunctivitis:

29. No any risk factor developed in man is refers to

30. WHO STEPS is used for:

31. Koplik’s spot is seen in:

32. Meniere’s disease disorder of

33. Strangulation is most common with which of the following type of hernia

34. Which of the following is not water borne disease?

35. Stye occurs due to inflammation of :

36. How many colors has triage system

37. Planning cycle include

38. Sanitary toilet can decrease incidence of all except:

39. The total score of Glasgow coma scale is:

40. Occurrence of disease cases that is usually large in specific community throughout the year compare to other community is called:

41. Which of the following is the complication of appendicitis?

42. All are characteristics of a mentally healthy person except:

43. Which of the following is the secondary sign of Xerophthalmia:

44. Quarantine period should be

45. Cyclic trend is seen in

46. Tinea corporis is fungal infection of.....

47. Best marker of iron deficiency is:

48. Following all statement are correct except?

49. Most commonest cause of acute cholecystitis is:

50. The time interval between entry of an infectious agent into a host and the onset of symptoms is termed as:

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