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Overseer/sub Overseer Full Exam Set (Chaitra 18)

Welcome to your Sub-Overseer Exam Full set 2

1. Under survey "working from whole to part" is done

2. Hydrographic survey deal with the mapping of

3. Find the R.F.of 1mm = 10 m

4. The maximum allowable limit upto that a measurement may vary from the true value is known as

5. If n observations are taken, the accidental errors are proportional to

6. The types of survey used to fix property lines is

7. Number of links in a 20m metric chain is

8. Chainage is the distance measured

9. In chain survey execution, the first step taken is

10. Choose the correct statement

11. A level line is a

12. Cross hairs in surveying telescope are fitted

13. A relatively fixed point of known elevation above datum is called

14. The image of the object formed should lie

15. The rise and fall method of levelling provides a complete check on

16. The observed reading on a levelling staff was 3.545 m. If the staff was 0.15m on from the original ground level, what should be correct reading?

17. Line of collimation should be parallel to

18. When it is not possible to set up the level midway between two points, then the difference in elevation between them is measured by

19. The levels to which the earthwork will have to be carried out is known as

20. The correction for refraction is given by

21. Horizontal line departs from a level surface because of _____________

22. The surface perpendicular to direction of gravity is

23. The minimum horizontal distance between any two consecutive contours is known as

24. The instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angle is

25. The instrument used for measuring area on a contour map is

26. True Meridians

27. If the quadrantal bearing of a line is N 35⁰ W , then the whole circle bearing is

28. The prismatic compass and surveyor's compass respectively give

29.The whole circle bearing of a line is 270⁰, then find the reduced bearing of line.

30. If the bearing of AB is N30⁰W and bearing of BC is N40⁰E then find the angle <ABC

31. Local attraction in a compass surveying may be due to

32. During levelling, staff readings are taken 1.0, 0.8 & 0.6 from consecutive horizontal cross hairs, the staff intercept should be

33. In profile levelling, staff readings on two neighboring pegs 20m apart are 1.2 and 1.0 respectively. Therefore, the proposed road had :

34. The instrument which is used in plane tabling for obtaining horizontal and vertical distances directly without resorting to chaining, is known

35. The operation of revolving a plane table about its vertical axis so that all lines on the sheet become parallel to corresponding lines on the ground, is known

36. Plotting of inaccessible points on a plane table, is done by

37. Locating the position of a plane table station with reference to three known points, is known as

38. Prismatic compass is considered more accurate than a surveyor's compass, because

39. The latitude of a traverse leg is obtained by multiplying its length by

40. The operation of making the algebraic sum of latitudes and departures of a closed traverse, each equal to zero, is known

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