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ANM EXAM SET -1 (Falgun 13)

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1. The nurse is assessing a client who is 6 hours PP after delivering a full-term healthy infant. The client complains to the nurse of feelings of faintness and dizziness. Which of the following nursing actions would be most appropriate?

2. Methergine is prescribed for a client with PP hemorrhage. Before administering the medication(s), the nurse contacts the health provider who prescribed the medication(s) in which of the following conditions is documented in the client’s medical history?

3. A nurse performs an assessment on a client who is 4 hours Postpostpartum. The nurse notes that the client has cool, clammy skin and is restless and excessively thirsty. The nurse prepares immediately to:

4. A laboring client complains of low back pain. The nurse replies that this pain occurs most when the position of the fetus is:

5. Which of the following circumstances is most likely to cause uterine atony and lead to Postpartum hemorrhage?

6. All are sign and symptoms of amniotic fluid embolism except:

7. The nurse is monitoring a client in the immediate postpartum period for sign of hemorrhage. Which sign is an early sign of excessive blood loss?

8. Women having LMP on 2078/11/28 , Clinical visit date on 2079/07/05 Calculate WOG ?

9. Which is not true about measles virus….?

10. Which vitamin is given for absorption of iron?

11. The essential dose of Folic acid for women with risk of neural tube defect in her upcoming baby is….

12. When to start preconception care ?

13. Which vaccine is necessary for preconcetion care?

14. Fundal palpation is done to determine……

15. Government of Nepal focus on BPCR counselling for all pregnant women and their family from …………

16. According to WHO, the chance of women to develop complication that will be potentially life threatening and require immediate emergency obstetric care is……

17. Your client is 39 weeks gestation pregnancy and in labour pain. This is her third pregnancy. She had an abortion in 5 weeks, and 34 weeks stillborn son 2 years ago. Calculate the GTPAL score.

18. Carpal tunnel syndrome is seen pregnancy due to compression of……

19. Which of the following positing position help to reduce heart burn in pregnancy?

20. The supine hypotension occur that occurs usually in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters may cause

21. Which of the following intervention is not effective in management of frequency of micturition in pregnancy?

22. Bleeding in early pregnancy means ………..

23. Implantation bleeding usually occurs on………

24. According to safe motherhood and reproductive act 2075 , abortion in case of rape or incest can be done in ….

25. Abortion through Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) can be perfomed up to

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