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Midwifery antenatal Exam Set 1 (Magh 28)

Welcome to your midwifery antenatal Exam Set 1

1. What happens during the follicular phase of menstrual cycle?

2. Follicular phase of menstrual cycle is the other name of

3.Ovulatry/ Reproductive Age is duration of….

4. which is write statement regarding Still Birth?

5. Labia Majora homologues to which organ of male reproductive system?

6. Ovaries are located in…..

7. The hormone produced by ovary are all of the following except…..

8. The Visualization of fallopian tube is called

9. The shape of utereus is ……

10. The uterus is Situated between…..

11.Pregnant endometrium is called

12. The normal flora of vagina which maintain PH is known as

13. Beginning of breast development is called….

14. which germinal layer tends to develop blood, bone and muscles?

15. Which is the developed organ during embryonic development?

16. Sex of fetus is fully differentiated in….

17. The palcenta is developed from maternal part…….

18. Formation of placenta starts at 6th week and ends at……

19. which of the following are placental barriers?

20. The weight of the term placenta is approximately…..

21. Maternal surface of placenta is seen as….

22. One or more accessory lobes of the placenta are seen in which types of placenta?

23. Whartson’s jelly is present in……

24. The Vessels of cord separate a distance away the margin of the placenta is called….

25. The maximum amount of amniotic fluid is present in which time of pregnancy?

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