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Computer Fundamental Exam set

Welcome to your Computer Fundamental Set 1

Which of the following is mass storage device?

Data stores in

Which device cannot be shared on network?

Which port doesnt exist in computer?

One nanosecond means ……

Pentium means …

What is the name is given to the first generation of computer language?

Compiler and interpreter are ….

The main basic block of a computer system consists of …..

What is modem?

There are …. Types of language processor

A translator used in low level language

Before booting the computer, the system files resides on…..

The processing element of fifth generation of computer is….

The printing quality measures in resolution and resolution measures in ….

MO disk is …

The …. Translate the source code into machine code

Which number system uses the both number and character to represents number?

Which is the function of ROM BIOS?

An input device used in bank is …..

The signal converter used in most of the output device is…

The full form of PDA

The quality of printer depends upon

Large data bus width causes

Writing method in CDROM is called

The system date is in …… date format

Which of the following terms is most closely related to auxiliary memory?

Which of the following is not a type of ROM?

Which is considered as the direct entry input device?

In computer all calculations performed are made in …… unit

Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?

which is not system software?

The speed of printer is measured in ..

Hard Disk is coated with …

The program designed to perform specific user tasks is known as…

A computer program that translate one program instructions at a time into machine language is called as

Daisy wheel printer is a type of .

The process of starting or restarting a computer system by loading system files from secondary storage device into the computer memory is called …

Which is not a input device ?

Which component are you unlikely to find as part of a mother board?

you could measure a microprocessors clock speed of recent computer in

High data accuracy is produced by …. Computer

Which one is the oldest storage device?

The communication port is used for …

Modem is connected with …

Which of the following is low level language ?

Which one is the removable disk?

The content of ROM can be erased by supplying electric charge ?

SMPS Stands for

Antivirus Program fall under

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