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Weekly Nursing Exam ( Baisakh 24)

Welcome to your Leadership and Management Exam Set

All are the element of good plan except

All are included in planning cycle except

Which of following is correct sequence of planning cycle step?

Policy formation is done by

Getting things done correctly means

Monitoring is the part of

Which is not component of supervision?

The complete process of observing subordinates working correction in accordance with policies are defined under

Which is not good character of supervision?

Putting plan into action is

Which of following is not tool of supervision?

Summative evaluation is done at the ………….. of program

Assigning right job at right place to right people is

“POSDCoRBE” process of management is given by

The third line manager for you in PHCC is

In which type of leadership, the authority is completely handover to workers?

Unidirectional vertical information flow is present in

The pioneer of Maslow’s hierarchy of need is

Purpose of logistic management is

Health institution has to report LMIS from every ……… monthly

When was HMIS implemented to record health program activities?

The example of consumable good is

HMIS form included Nutrition register is

HMIS form used to under five children is

The ideal temperature for storage of vaccine in refrigeration is

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