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Weekly Nursing Exam ( Baisakh 16 )

Weekly Loksewa Nursing Preparation Exam

Time: 25 mins                                              F.m: 50

P.m: 20

1) Primary Health Care includes all except:

2) The incubation period of pertussis is

3) Tuberculin test is read after

4) The dose of fIPV vaccine is:

5) In typhoid which type of fever is seen

6) BCG vaccine should be given:

7) A mother comes in an immunization clinic by taking her 12 months baby for the vaccination. What is the appropriate vaccine for this age baby?

8) BCG means:

9) Elements of primary health care:

10) The denominator for calculating birth rate or crude birth rate is

11) Epidemiological triad includes

12) Nosocomial infection that infection acquired by:

13) Early diagnosis and treatment is

14) Which of the following is not fat soluble vitamins?

15) The deficiency of vitamin A is called:

16) Vitamin A found in vegetable source is called

17) Which one is micronutrient?

18) sunlight is the chief source of:

19) Which of the following is the sterilization method?

20) Now a days instead of 6 strips of Norplant , how much strips used?

21) How often depoprovera is given?

22) Emergency contraceptive shoukd be taken within…….hours of unprotected intercourse

23) The only method which can prevent from HIV/AIDS is

24) The numerator is not a component of denominator in

25) Which of following vaccine is given earlier after birth?

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