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Fundamental of Nursing Weekly Exam ( Baisakh 9)

Weekly Loksewa Nursing Preparation Exam

Time: 25 mins                                              F.m: 25

P.m: 10


1. The difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure is termed as

2. Which of the following is among an ideal way of collecting a urine specimen for culture and sensitivity?

3. Hyperpyrexia is a condition in which the temperature is greater than

4. A patient’s chart is what type of data source?

5. The most appropriate time for the nurse to obtain a sputum specimen for culture is

6. It is best decribe as a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care for individual, families, group and community

7. Which of the following is source of stress?

8. What is the nurse role while solving stressful situation?

9. Intramuscular injections are given at the angle of

10. Which of the following parameters should be checked when assesing respiration

11. Which of the following is the appropriate route of administration for insulin?

12. The objective of first aid are all except

13. Shock after severe burn is:

14. Which of the following is not considered to vital sign?

15. A normal blood pressure of healthy adult is

16. First aid means

17. Approximately height of the IV bottle from the bed of the client should be

18. If the temperature is increased excessively to 40.6 degree C (105degree F), it is called

19. NG tube insertion is done in which position?

20. This is a process of removing pathogens but not their spores

21. The nurse is preparing to take vital sign in an alert client with dehydration secondary to vomiting and diarrhoea. what is the best method used to assess the clients temperature?

22. The most common poisoning in Nepal is

23. A nurse administer 50 % dextrose intravenously. Nurse knows very well that this solution is

24. Which one of the following is the correct formula for converting degree F TO degree C

25. Which of the following is the most important purpose of handwashing

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