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Computer Operator Exam

Welcome to your Computer Fundamental Set 2

1. Which is not direct entry input device?
2. The mnemonic code is used in…
3. Which will produce high quality printout?
4. How many types of devices does the USB support?
5. Which one is the component of computer system?
6. What is the name for a parellel communication pathway that connects different hardware component physically into the computer ?
7. Which electronic component was concerned for the emerging of third generation of computer?
8. Which of the following two computers have the same architecture?
9. The keys on the keyboard which may be programmed to do special takes are the .
10. How can you protect your computer from sudden power failure?
11. Cache memory is …
12. To send and receive email your computer should have..
13. DVD belongs to …
14. Program developed according to the requirement to an office is…
15. All peripheral devices connected to computer system is known as…
16. Who was the first conceptualize and design a fully programmable mechanical computer analytical engine ?
17. CPU is the brain of the computer then Cu is …
18. Which of the following matches on monitor?
19. Features of USB is ….
20. Pixel point is used to ..
21. The memory is hard disk is …..
22. The program that translate line by line of source code program is….
23. The computer driver is…
24. Digital computer handles
25. Which one is ODD?
26. Which one is not hardware?
27. Which is used in binary code ?
28. Which device is used to relation for computer and user ?
29. Which one is not a valid floppy disk capacity ?
30. IN case of micro computer hard disk drive is also known as….
31. Bio chip fall under …
32. Which one is not known as computer system ?
33. Which one is not the feature of magnetic tape?
34. The computer that works on the basis of signal produced to the variation in physical quantities?
35. The system diagnostic program stored on ROM is called
36. The main circuit board containing the vital component of a pc.
37. Set of code that is used to write a program is
38. Data processing is a method of…
39. Together the control unit and ALU is called ..
40. The CPU of microcomputer is known as
41. The electronic circuit that are the part of the circuit are called …
42. The … is the most popular input device for games ..
43. Instead of using a mouse, you can use this pointing device to control the pointer by rotating a ball with the thumb..
44. A…. is a monitor that is covered with plastic layer to allow you to press the screen to select command ..
45. This type of device typically operates by moving across text and images.
46. Which of the following types of character recognition system requires the use of magnetic ink?
47. A … printer works by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the paper .
48. How many categories of software are classified?
49. Which of the following is not an example of packaged software?
50. Which of the following is not application software?

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