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Computer Network Exam

Welcome to your Computer Network Exam set 1

1. Spam is
2. Who is credited with inventing the www?
3. Which connector is used for Ethernet port?
4. The internet protocol(IP provides)
5. what is the protocol used to exchange files between computers on the internet?
6. A huge collection of electronic pages containing information about many different subject is called .
7. which of the following are commonly found on web pages?
8. Which of the following is the disadvantage of wireless LAN?
9. Demodulation is a process of …
10. A device that converts digital signal to analog signal is
11. Email is
12. Email
13. Connection between a computer and the internet done using a normal telephone is called
14. FTp is used to
15. Www. is a
16. TV broad casting is an example of
17. Which device is used for local area network ?
18. Topology is ….
19. Software which is copied illegally?
20. Internet explorer is a …
21. A method of preventing unauthorised access to a computer system is called …
22. Www is used in
23. Workgroup means
24. Advantage of network is
25. Modem is used for
26. What is the function of information super highway?
27. Which protocol is used to connect internet ?
28. Which type of website is used for university websites?
29. Hyperlink
30. RJ-45 cable has
31. WAN is not used…
32. Extranet is based on a …
33. Which network covers the large area like cities?
34. Workstation computers are connected with centrally located server computer is called..
35. Which will be used to identity the IP address in website ?
36. Host is ….
37. Cryptography technique is used in
38. A computer professional working in a office who operates computer is called ….
39. Which networking is used within the building ?
40. The network for specific use …
41. GIF stands for …
42. which of the following is not required in local area network ?
43. Browse means
44. What is modem?
45. We can share data the data in
46. TCP stands for
47. Internet is
48. Which is the search engine?
49. What is the full form of ISP?
50. Which of the following is web browser ?

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