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राजपत्र अनंकित द्वितीय श्रेणी, इन्जिनियरिंग सेवा, सिविल समुह अन्तर्गतका जेनरल, हाईवे, स्यानिटरी, ईरिगेशन, हाइड्रोपावर, हाईड्रोलोजी र एयरपोर्ट उपसमुहको प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परिक्षा

                 (Shining  Star  Institute  Model Question)
1.The survey which is carried out for determining absolute locations and the direction of any line on the surface of the earth by making observation to heavenly bodies is called


2.Find the R.F.of 1mm = 0.1m

3.Which of the following scale is the smallest one question!
4.The longest chain line passing through the centre of the area is known as
5. Handles of chains are made of
6.Permanent adjustment are carried out to
7. Levelling across a river is done by

8.The imaginary line passing through the intersection of cross hairs and the optical centre of the object is known as

9.The vertical distance between any two consecutive contours is known as
10.Two contour lines, having the same elevation
11.The observed reading on a levelling staff was 3.545 m. If the staff was 0.15m off from the original
12.The place where reading is taken is known as
13.Well-conditioned triangle have an angle between

 14.In chain survey execution, the first step taken is

15.A discrepancy is the difference between
16.The type of error which are of cumulative nature and can be corrected is known as
17.A chain 33 feet long and consisting of 16 links is called
18. Normal tension is that pull which
19. The sag correction is always
20.Area of triangle joining three corner points in comparision to the circle joining same three points is:
21. A 30m chain was found to be 10cm too long after chaining 1500 m. The correct length of the total distance chained will be
22.A Chain is made up of mild steel or galvanized iron wire of diameter
23.Obstacle to ranging but not chaining is
24.Due to curvature of earth, the object looks
25. The isometric projection of a sphere is a
26.Free hand sketch is normally used for

27. When a pyramid or cone is cut by cutting plane parallel to its base, the remaining portion thus obtained after removing the top is called ……….

28.The internal angle of regular hexagon is
29.The following are the solids of revolution except
30.The dimension line is generally :
31.In italic lettering, the direction of letters is at:

32.The section obtained when the section plane is inclined to the axis of cone and cuts all generators on either side of the apex, is called ………..

33.In case of orthographic projection, the number of view generally used are
34.Perspective projection is used to represent
35.The isometric axis are inclined at ………… degree to each other.
36.The  three phase system uses voltage upto
Your new question!
37.Which of the following quantities consists of SI unit as watt?
38. Harmful bacteria are called
39.Baffle wall in septic tank is
40.Grit is
41.Most suitable section of sewer in separate sewage system is
42.Sanitary sewage contains
43.Which one is water borne disease?
44.. The water supply demand in a day school without boarder should be
45.R.M.O means
46.An aquiclude is
47.Inert material of cement concrete mix is
48. Flash setting of cement means
49.The red colour of the brick is due to
50. Swelling of bricks is known as

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